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NameLiving in Camden?Comments
NameLiving in Camden?Comments
Ruben G1A review is necessary.
R Waddington1 The council must carefully review this buildings insurance contact.
Jae McCarthy1Camden Council should be overseeing this matter and not leaving it up to its residents, if Zurich insurance are not doing whey have stated under their policy they should be brought into line or somebody who can do the job properly should be brought in and Zurich loose their contract, that would soon shake them up as I\'m sure they would not like to loose a council contract. If we (Joe public) sign a contract we are held to it, this is no different, but some company\'s think that they can get away with not following there contract / obligations to the public by cutting corners to save money at our expense!!
ORNELLA1I am absolutely shocked and extremely concerned and frightened about your situation, it could be me in your place. You have my utmost support, Zurich is behaving like a bandit and they need to be stopped. Ornella Figa Raanaas
Greg D1Need to change
Dimitris P.1The works are unacceptable and the contract has to be reconsidered.


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