The Story So Far…

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Camden Council and eight other boroughs (London Insurance Consortium) had chosen Zurich Insurance Plc for the insurance  of all their buildings. Since then, three of those councils DID NOT renewed their contracts with Zurich.

My experience with Zurich Insurance Plc shows the poor value that policy holders receive as well as the reasons why the insurance premiums go up every year:

The Fire: On the 05th December 2012 there was a fire in my flat that was started due to an electrical fault. A claim was raised with Zurich Insurance Plc.

Initial Inspection: On December 2012, LFB did the initial investigation and Capital Services Ltd assessed the flat’s damages.

Debris Removal: On the  12th December 2012, the surveyor from Capital Services Ltd informed us that we will have to remove the debris from inside and outside the property. This was incorrect since it was not our responsibility to do so.

Forensic Investigation: On the 28th January 2013, a forensic investigator from Burgoynes instructed by Zurich Insurance, visited my property to investigate the possible causes of the fire.

The Works: Between January 2013 and July 2013, Capital Services Ltd carried out the works to my flat.

Moving Back (July 2013): On the 18th July 2013 we managed to move back to the flat even if there were some unfinished works such as the flicking lights, an oven that trips half of the fuse box every time we have tried to use it, faulty entrance doorbroken tilesbroken stop cocks, etc.

Moving Out (November 2013): On the 19th November 2013, CountryWide arranged our alternative accommodation for the duration of the repair works.

Complaint to Zurich Insurance Plc: Last December 2013, an official complaint was sent to Zurich Insurance Plc regarding the numerous problems (electrics, debris, inaccurate certificates, further damageschemicals, condensation, etc) that I had with their contractors and their quality of work as well as the damagers to our health.

Moving Back (December 2013): On the 23rd December 2013, this date we moved back to the flat after one month on the Premier Inn hotel. There are still many things that needs to be done (wooden floor, decoration, etc) and many problems to be fixed.

Moving Out (January 2014): On the 20th January 2014, we moved for the seventh time to an alternative accommodation in order for the insurance to carry out the repairs works with a different contractor.

Preparation Works (January 2014): On the 20th January 2014 the works started without a clear idea of what is going on.  Nobody knew about the removal of the sofas from the living room, nobody knew about the preparation works (floor and stairs protection, dust protection, etc).

Floor Preparation Works (January 2014): On the 21st January 2014 the works continued without adequate protection and consequently further damages were made. On the 23rd January 2014 all works were brought to a standstill again because of condensation. This is my personal  investigation into this issue.

Source of The Floor Problems (February 2014): On the 14th February 2014 we found out that the windows and door in the living room had not been installed properly and for that reason rain water was draining inside the property rather than outside.

Floor Works (February – March 2014): The works for the floor installation for the third time.

Works (April – May 2014): The remaining works and repairs.

Outstanding Issues (June 2014): The list with the current outstanding issues that have to be solved.

Outstanding Issues (June 2017): The list with the current outstanding issues that have to be solved.


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