Initial Inspection

On the 07th December 2012, there was a series of visits from different people.

The LFB Investigator arrived first on the property for a second visit in order to finish his investigation. The first time the light conditions were not ideal and he needed plenty of light for the job.

Later someone from the cleaning company arrived. The guy took measurements and informed me that they will have to come again when the property would be empty from the debris.

Camden council investigator also visited the property and stayed there for less than 3 mins. He made very insensitive remarks such as “the flat is smelly”.  This was true but after a fire someone would expect some burnt smell!

During the afternoon the loss adjuster from GAB Robins Ltd visited my flat in order to inspect the damage and find out if I entitle to claim from the insurance. He said that he will appointed a project manager who will take care of the whole project.

On the  12th December 2012, a surveyor from Capital Services Ltd had visited my property in Camden Town for the whole day. He made a list of all the things that needs to be replaced or fixed.

On the  19th December 2012, the project manager from Capital Services Ltd visited my property in order to familiarise himself with the area and some logistics.

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