Zurich Tries to Avoid Responsibility

Today we have been informed that while the insurance recognises that “…that the door which was replaced as part of the insurance claim did not meet the required regulations” they refuse to replace it.

Instead they try to pass their responsibilities to the Camden Council as well as the liabilities for any damages during the installation.

Specifically the email from Mr Gary D. , Claims Technician – Technical Team from Zurich states:

On the 16 June 2017 at 09:21 Mr Gary D. stated:

Dear Sir,

Thank you for bearing with me whilst I have made further enquiries of the adjuster.

It is recognised that the door which was replaced as part of the insurance claim did not meet the required regulations.  That said, and as previously advised, it would seem that the Council are replacing all doors in the block, free of charge, to ensure that these doors do meet current regulations.  This will have the added benefit that all replacement doors will match.

You are understandably concerned that contractors working for Camden could cause additional damage to your hallway whilst fitting the replacement door.  This damage may not happen in any event and if it did, one would expect any builder who is invited to do work, to make good any damage that they cause either by poor workmanship or a simple act of negligence incidental to the work they are contracted to do, e.g. knocking over and breaking a vase.  

Given that Camden Council want to undertake the work it would be advisable for you to seek the reassurance you want from the Council who will be employing the builders.

Please however keep me informed of developments and the cost of any such repairs that Camden Council are not prepared to meet.

Gary D

Claims Technician – Technical Team

Property Claims
Zurich Insurance plc
PO Box 3303
Interface Business Park

Telephone: 01489 882308″

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