Outstanding Issues

The current outstanding issues (June 2014) for this building insurance claim are:

  1. Wooden parquet floor (living room, hallway, toilet)
  2. Remove marks on the riser of the first step
  3. Sanding and painting of the walls and ceilings
  4. Repair or replace main door
    1. Door handle is destroyed
    2. Door frame has been marked
  5. Align balcony door in the living room
    1. Fill gaps on either side of the living room frame with expansion foam
    2. Fix Balcony door drain
  6. Replace damaged door frames upstairs
  7. Remove marks or replace wooden doors downstairs
  8. Remove marks or replace wooden doors upstairs
  9. Electrical certificates and re-test
  10. Toilet installation downstairs
  11. Toilet seat on upstairs bathroom
  12. Toilet blockage investigation (CCTV video required)
  13. Problems with double sockets
  14. Replace ethernet socket in living room
  15. Remove marks or replace kitchen floor tiles
  16. Remove marks on the wooden parquet floor upstairs (2x floor, 1x metal bar)
  17. Deep cleaning of whole flat (2 days)
  18. Change of the main entrance door’s lock
  19. Mark/Scratch on the newly installed bath
  20. Lock on downstairs toilet
  21. Main entrance door front panel is filled with silicon instead of the black rubber as per the rest of the door.
  22. Expenses
  23. Formal Complaint (handling of the claim plus health issues)