Answers OR Legal Action

We have requested many times for an answer to the following questions from GAB Robins and the Zurich Insurance. Specifically we addressed the email to the BRICS Contractor Manager for GAB Robins Ltd and Ms Lisa S. (Senior Property Claims Handler for Zurich Insurance):

1) A written statement that the wooden parquet floor will be restored to its original state and that you as well as the insurance will fix all the damages that your contractors have created.
2)  A written statement that you as well as the insurance will be liable for doing the above point 1 regardless the time or other constraints that you might have. For instance if the works take longer than normal or if the insurance cover has lapsed then you will still do the works until the claim has been settled. If there are any restrains that might stopping you from doing the works, legally or otherwise, I will like to know them at this point of time.
3) A written statement that the floor that you are proposing is temporary and not a permanent solution.
4) A full and detailed written explanation of your plan in bulletin points:
    a) What jobs will you do (floor, toilet, doors, cleaning, etc) before Christmas and which works will do after?
    b) Who will do the work and what is the name of their company?
    c) Duration of works.
    d)  Provide the exact type of materials and their specifications.

    e) Please provide a list of colours for the carpet tiles.
    f) To what extend will you do the cleaning? Mr Paul C. in our meeting stated: “That is NOT something that you will physically do…” after I mentioned that someone has to empty the kitchen, the cupboards and clean them and then put everything back. However, yesterday he said that they will do ONLY some of the the cleaning. Please have in mind that Mint Professionals needed 5 employees and a whole day to clean my EMPTY flat. Mr Clark suggested less than a day for more work.
5) A written confirmation that the electrics have been tested and comply with the regulations.
6) A written statement that the bathroom tiles have been repaired and that the bathroom is ready to be used. No broken tiles or other damages are present.
7) A written confirmation that you will move all the furniture and furnishing from the living room before you install the wooden permanent  parquet floor to a suitable storage and without any cost or contribution form me. At least that is what the BRICS Contractor Manager for GAB Robins Ltd suggested in our meeting.
8)  A list of the floor specialist and their contact numbers as Ms Lisa S. Has promised yesterday.
7) Mr Paul C. stated yesterday that the works will finish in the end of February 2014. Could you please put that in writing with all the conditions/alternations that you might have. For instance you might say that the works will be delayed for XYZ reasons.
9) I would like to have my expenses paid by tomorrow or Monday 16th December 2013. If there are delays please state the reasons.
10) A written statement that explains the situation regarding the loss of earnings. I will require that because my current plan is to rent the whole property from next April 2014. If the works haven’t finished by then, will the insurance cover the losses as per my policy? Please clarify and provide reasons for your decision.
11) Your plans regarding the chemicals investigation. Who will do the investigation and when?
12) A statement that employees from Capital Services Ltd will not entered my property again without my permission.

Up to this point I had not received answers in writing for our questions above but only an email from Ms Lisa S. making decisions WITHOUT my authorisation as a owner of the property. She clearly told me that she was moving the claim forward so that matters will be progressed.

On the 13th December 2013, the BRICS Contractor Manager for GAB Robins Ltd, provided us with some answers to our questions. He also stated in his email:

We have chased the minor works certificates from our electrician they are complete and I will hopefully receive tomorrow, I will then forward them on to you

On the same date we requested a list of those works and the relevant certificates.

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