Apparently It Was Me

Yesterday I received an email from Zurich Insurance Plc stating that GAB Robins Ltd had offered the compliance fire door to me but I had refused it. Of course this is not true because the Schedule of works talks about “Remove and Renew white aluminium double glazed door and frame with additional side window” Nothing about a solid timber fire door. See image below:


However, let’s assume that the statement from GAB Robins is true. If it is then this implies that GAB Robins is willing to break the law and be non compliant with the regulations if the customers asked them to.

This is the email from Mr Gary D, Claims technician, from Zurich Insurance Plc:

From: Gary D…
Date: 16 January 2017 at 16:40

Dear Mr xxx

Thank you for your continued patience whilst I have made further enquiries.

The contractors appear to infer that a regulations compliant door was offered to you however as it was solid timber and did not have multi point locking this was not installed as per your request.  A door which was similar to the one that was damaged was installed with your agreement.

In relation to the amount paid on your claim, you may recall that Underwriters have previously confirmed that this claim did not adversely effect the rate charged.  The amount in dispute was also unlikely to have any impact at future renewals.


Kind regards


Gary D.

Claims Technician – Technical Team

Property Claims
Zurich Insurance plc
PO Box 3303
Interface Business Park

Telephone: 01489 882308

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