Forensic Investigation

On the 28th January 2013, a forensic investigator from Burgoynes was instructed by the insurance to visit my property and investigate the possible causes for the fire.

This happened after I was explicitly instructed to empty the flat from the debris and therefore any valuable evidence. It is also important to mention that the Loss Adjuster was fully aware of the situation as per my email dated 24th January 2013.

The investigator from Burgoynes stayed in my property for almost 14 hours in order to try to establish the cause of the fire.

Weeks later I found out that he reached the same conclusion with the investigator from the London Fire Brigade. It was an electrical fault.

The insurance apparently did not pay £100 in order to receive the report from the London Fire Brigade but they spend thousands of pounds for forensic investigation.

The result of that procedure was one month delay.

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