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After 21 months and 9 changes of accommodation, this is a summary of the current, past and ongoing issues with the insurance:

  1. Four leaks inside toilet:
    1. July 2013
    2. December 2013
    3. 29th March 2014
    4. 31st March 2014
  2. Flooded Bathroom Floor due to bad cistern installation
  3. Three times condensation inside the property with damages to walls, ceilings, wooden floor upstairs
    1. November 2013
    2. January 2014
    3. March 2014
  4. Wrong Windows Installation
    1. water was drained inside the property
    2. gaps on each side never filled with expansion foam
    3. water enters the frame even when windows are closed
  5. Five Floor installations
  6. Health Problems due to burnt debris
  7. Health Risks due to asbestos tests after we entered the property
  8. False Electrical Certificates (wrong dates, job descriptions, address, etc)
  9. Damages to the entrance door
  10. Damages to wooden stairs and upstairs floor
  11. Bad Works and misleading/inaccurate statements:
    1. Windows installation allowed water to drain inside the property
    2. Promised BAL F76 installation but it was not there
    3. Satisfaction with floor preparation against manufacturer’s recommendations
    4. Photographic evidence not provided as per written promises
  12. Broken tiles on the bathroom
  13. Flickering lights
  14. Additional electrical issues (June 2014):
    1. Upstairs lights switch back boxes are not earthed.
    2. Downstairs lights switch back boxes are not earthed.
    3. Upstairs lights do not tripping RCD.

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