4 Councils Left Zurich Municipal

Today we have received the first response from Camden Council to our FOI requests:

Freedom of Information Act 2000

Further to your recent request for information I set out below the questions you raised and Camden’s response

Camden Council has a building insurance with Zurich Insurance Plc. I would like to know the following:

1) Contract value per year for the last 2 years.

Contract spend over the last 2 years was in the region of £4m

2) Which other boroughs and councils are participating on this contract. It came to my attention that nine boroughs plus Camden has joined together to purchase this contract.

The only boroughs now insured on the current contract are Camden, Croydon, Islington, Kingston & Sutton.

COMMENT: 4 Councils did not renewed their contracts!

3) How many complaints has the council received about the building insurance with Zurich?

No complaints have been recorded by the insurance team other than the one raised by the recipient of this FOI response

4) How many claims have been submitted via the council to Zurich?

None, the claims made under this policy are generally made direct to the Insurer by the leaseholder. However the management information provided by the Insurer that since the start of the current contract with Zurich 384 claims have been reported

5) What was the value of those claims?

The total value of the claims reported since the start of the current contract is £978,584.
We hope that the information is useful to you.

We also received the following additional information that has been supplied by Camden’s Insurance Manager.

6) When the other 5 councils left the London Insurance Consortium?

Nine London Boroughs are members of the Insurance London Consortium however due to contract commitments not all nine boroughs were able to join the contract currently placed with Zurich.

7) What were the reasons for not renewing their contract with Zurich?

I’m unable to comment on the contract commitments of other London Boroughs as I do not have these details but as stated above all I can confirm is when the contract was tendered not all nine boroughs were in a position to join the contract.

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