No Mistakes, No Faults, No Problems

nomistakeToday Mr P.M., BRICS Contractor Manager from GAB Robins Ltd has informed us that:

1) The living room windows have been installed in a professional style. However the leaking incident is unfortunate and not a deliberate act, as detailed this has now been rectified.

My impression of professional installation is different in one crucial point. It has to comply with the manufacturer specifications. When the water is drained inside the property rather than outside then it is not professional.

2) The huge gaps will be filled. He refuses to let us know why his contractors did not fill them after the windows installation last May 2013.

3) Mr P. M. from GAB Robins Ltd refuses to accept that one of his electricians (Capital Services Ltd OR PD Hedges Ltd) did something wrong. He claims that Capital Services Ltd installed the bonding but it is ok for P D Hedges to put the bonding installation in their job description. Why do they have to claim a job that they have not done?

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