Floor Repairs Progress

At 11:23 I received an email from Mr Paul E C. with photos and the following update from Mr Neil H., Contracts Manager for E.J. TAYLOR & SONS LIMITED:

I attended site yesterday along with Andrew Watson flooring & the sanding / sealing specialist.

Within the lounge area the individual defective fingers were removed, the glue was removed from the undamaged screed below, replacement fingers were then inserted, these were taped off, primed and lacquered.

Within the toilet room a section of the floor was lifted, the old glue removed, again no damage was caused to the screed. Moisture readings were taken from the screed within this area confirming the floor to be dry. A new replacement panel was then inserted, sanded, primed & lacquered.

Once these repair areas were dry enough the complete ground floor area was then lightly sanded & buffed, thoroughly vacuumed & wiped over. The complete area was then lacquered.

As previously stated it is very important this floor is now left to dry & harden.

The new skirts have been delivered to site & are acclimatising with a view to installation at the end of the week.

To enable our works yesterday I had to access the fuse board within the understairs cupboard, on leaving the property at 16.50 yesterday I again isolated the electrics.
On our return on Tuesday 6th May and Wednesday 7th May access to the upstairs door linings will be required to enable the continuation of repairs, fine filing, under coating and top coating. These repairs will need to be carried out whilst other items are being done to allow drying of the materials used.

I attach pictures taken during repairs yesterday.

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