Complaint Not Answered

67ed4-bury-your-head-in-the-sandMy two complaints to the Zurich Insurance Plc have not been addressed within the 8 weeks timescale that Zurich advertise on their website.

They also refused to provide a specific time or date for responding to my complaint. Both Ms Sarah J. and Stephanie A. from the complaints department have read my emails but have not taken action that was communicated to me.

Another strange things is that by reading the insurance’s statistics you cannot stop thinking that something is suspicious. According to their complaints page, in the first half of 2013 they opened 2122 complaints and closed 2137!!!

In the meantime, I called Mr Adrian M., Loss Adjuster for GAB Robins Ltd, regarding the extension to our accommodation in the Premier Inn hotel. He was very busy with another customer and totally unaware of my case requirements. However, he promised to call the CountryWide and The Revival Company in order to put everything back in order.

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