New Complaint to NICEIC

At 11:12 I sent the following email to Mr Ralf D. Customer Relations Executive from NICEIC.

Further to our telephone conversation yesterday I will like to raise a new complaint against Capital Services Ltd for the following reasons:

1) According to P D Hedges and your replies, the bonding was not present on my property before the P D Hedges visit. This means that Capital Services Ltd did not install the bonding when they had finished their works in July 2013. Their work was to rewire the whole property after a fire according to the latest standards and regulations.

2) I had complaint to Capital Services Ltd on July 2013 about the bonding and they had promised me that they would install it. Their electrician assured me that it had done the bonding and I took some photos that shows that. So if P D Hedges is right then Capital Services Ltd is wrong and my photos are fake.

So I would like to know who of your registered contractors is wrong. Either P D Hedges is right or Capital Services Ltd. If P D Hedges believes that my photos are fake I would request that you ask them for evidence to support that. If they claim that the bonding was not done properly then Capital Services Ltd did not do a proper job.

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