First Apology Received


Today I received an apology from the windows installer and a confirmation about their mistakes. So Mr P.M., BRICS Contractor Manager from GAB Robins Ltd, was wrong when he stated that the windows had been installed in a professional style!

But let’s see what happened today:

At 07:24 I was informed by Mr Adrian M., Loss Adjuster from GAB Robins Ltd, that Countrywide has received the authorisation code.

At 11:24 I called Countrywide and I found that they still need some confirmation from the Loss Adjuster. They also mentioned that the hotel will be extended until the 21st March 2014 with the right to cancel.

At 11:32 I sent a SMS to the Loss Adjuster informing him about the situation with Countrywide.

At 13:38 I received a SMS from the Loss Adjuster stating that he will do something when he will go back to his office this afternoon.

At 13:36 I received an email from Mr P.M., BRICS Contractor Manager from GAB Robins Ltd, stating that:

  • The flooring is being delivered today to acclimatise, fitting will be 5th and 6th March. The period for no entering the property after sealing the floor is to be advised.
  • “There were issues with the sealing of the windows and we will offer our sincerest apologies to the insured in this regard” from Right Units Ltd
  • The gaps on either side of the windows was “... an oversight by the window installer.  Further filling of remaining gaps will be carried out during the internal work schedule”
  • About the electricity he stated that: “The original bonding was not faulty, it was re installed as a measure of good will.”
  • A drying company attended on 21st March and have deemed the property dry, a copy of the certificate is attached. This certificate is about the original works more than a year ago!!!

At 16:27 I still did not have any progress with the hotel reservation or the expenses. At least 10 emails/SMS but nothing.

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