Lack of Trust

GAB Robins Ltd as well as the Zurich Insurance Plc are unable to provide photographic evidence or any proof the the concrete floor has been repaired; even if they had promised to do that on the 5th March 2015 when Mr Nick H., Building Services Technical Director from GAB Robins Ltd stated in his email:

“…we agree to provide a photographic record of the removal and installation stages as requested. “

However Mr Gary D. from Zurich Insurance Plc has already admitted that the contractors had unintentionally lied to me when they said that the blue F76 was not damaged during the Stopgap removal last February 2014.

They have also admitted that the contractors had unintentionally lied that the F76 was there in the first place. As we now know this part of the installation was not even there. Instead of the BAL F76, the contractor had installed another green material for which no information is available.

Now both of them want me to trust those contractors and their work, trust the insurance that they will compensate me for all the lies, health damages, stress, etc

The big question is: How can you trust someone who has repeatedly lied to you?

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