Floor Repair Problems

At 16:11 I received an email from Mr Paul E C. with photos and the following update from Mr Neil H., Contracts Manager for E.J. TAYLOR & SONS LIMITED:

After speaking with the flooring specialist who advised it would be safe to enter the property to view the floor today. I have attended site to check on the final finish of the floor.

With the sunlight reflecting off the lounge floor it was apparent that the replaced finger segment was still visible ( pictures attached ) on close inspection it would appear that the repairs around the wood finger block have shrunk back slightly, causing the lacquered finish to drop in this area also.

I made a phone call to the specialist to discuss my findings and he has confirmed my thoughts.

It was agreed that in order to rectify this the complete floor area will require a full machine / mechanical sanding to achieve a unified level surface, this will then be fully primed and lacquered. This process can be completed in one day.
The specialist has confirmed he is able to return to the property this Friday 2nd May. This will then give a period of Saturday, Sunday and Bank Holiday Monday for drying allowing us to return on Tuesday as planned to continue with the other works. I have re-allocated the fitment of the new skirting for Tuesday.
I must stress this will of course mean that again from Friday there must be strictly no admittance to the property until Tuesday 6th May.
I am confident that this will not affect our planned programme and completion, any amendments to our labour requirements will be adjusted.

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At 16:26 I received another email from Mr Paul E C. stating:

The issue is not with the block itself; which was part of the original batch and therefore acclimatised at the same time as that which is already down, but rather the filling agent with which the block is bedded. 

The fingers in question were removed as these were the ones which contained minor blemishes previously identified. 

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