Regulation 411.1

PGS Services Ltd has informed me today about Regulation 411.1 that states:

… automatic disconnection of supply is a protective measure in which basic protection is provided by basic insulation of live parts, or by barriers or enclosures, and fault protection is provided by protective earthing, protective equipotential bonding and automatic disconnection in case of a fault.

This regulation states that any metallic services entering the property must be bonded where accessible within 600mm of where it enters. Main bonding should be connected with a minimum of 10 mm copper cable and fixed with earth tags

If the above regulation is true why Mr P. M., BRICS Contractor Manager for GAB Robins insisted in his email dated 18-12-2013 that bonding is not required?

This is on top of the inaccurate certificates by P D Hedges Ltd.

PGS Services Ltd electrician also found the following issues on his visit to my property on the 07th June 2014:

  • Upstairs lights switch back boxes are not earthed.
  • Downstairs lights switch back boxes are not earthed.
  • Upstairs lights do not tripping RCD.

PGS Services Ltd has quoted £425 + VAT to do the following:

  • To supply and fit various back boxes to be earthed.
  • To investigate the high earth loop impedance on the upstairs lighting circuit.
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