Some Repairs Completed

E J Taylor contractors came to the property today and fixed the following:

  1. Marks on the wooden floor inside the second bedroom
  2. Marks on the first step of the stairs
  3. Mark on the entrance door
  4. Skirting boards
  5. Paint the hallway wall to cover the marks
  6. Make a hole on the toilet door frame so we can lock the door
  7. Paint the metal bar on top of the stairs

They promised to come back about

  1. Bath problem
  2. Floor marks outside the main bedroom

I have also spoke with Mr Gary D from Zurich regarding the expenses. He informed me that the expenses have been approved and that they have sent a cheque.

The outstanding issues are as follow:

On the first day after the works finished we have noticed the following problems:

2014-05-13 20.36.27The floor area outside the main bedroom is scratched and damaged from the contractors tools. This might have been created during the door frame repairs.




upstairs_floor1Marks on the upstairs floor from the contractors tools during the works on November 2013.





2014-05-18 16.16.44

The internal part of the bath was destroyed during the works. The cost of the bath was £755.55 and was used only for a couple of months. The labour cost was £1,982.40





2014-05-26 13.34.47Damages to the internal doors downstairs.





2014-06-05 18.36.51Main entrance door front panel is filled with silicon instead of the black rubber as per the rest of the door.

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