Condensation Brought Everything to a Standstill Again

At 13:58 I received a phone call from Mr Ricky who works for The Revival Company. His call was regarding the condensation in my flat. He was outside the property and he took some measurements through the letterbox.

Those measurements shows that the humidity inside my flat is very high (83%) while the temperature near the entrance door is 14.2 degrees of Celsius.

The Revival Company contractor, Mr Ricky, also mentioned that no works are taking place at the moment and he does not recommend the wooden floor to be installed until the cause of the condensation is found.

When I heard that my heart sunk. More delays, more frustration and more works. I have requested an update from the Loss Adjuster and a plan in order to have an idea of what to expect.

In the meantime I did my own investigation on this matter and I concluded that 27.5 litres of water have to go somewhere when they evaporate.

In the evening I visited the property and found that the condensation was less than before. I opened the window slightly and turn the heating to mark 2. I also noticed that the floor contractors have removed the wooden parquet from the kitchen.

The problems continued when I arrived in the hotel. The restaurant was closed for the works, the restaurants opposite were closed for refurbishment and the restaurants on south bank were absolutely packed. We had to walked for many minutes before we managed to find a place to eat.

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