Insurance Complaint & Works

After the discovery of a few more issues with my room I left for the work. On the train I managed to send an email to Zurich Insurance Plc asking the following:

1) Is there any news concerning the email dated 12-12-2013 regarding my original complaint dated 18th September 2013?
2) Is there any news concerning my second complaint dated 3rd December 2013?

Needless to say but nobody bothered to answer. The same happened to my second email for today to the loss adjuster.

At 15:11 Ms Sarah J., Complaints Executive for Zurich, emailed me stating the following:

Thank you for your emails and I apologise for the delay in coming back to you. 

Due to the size of the file and extent of damage, this has taken some time to review. I understand Lisa S. has been handling your claim in the meantime and I’ll be discussing with her as to how we can move this forward for you and will be in further contact with you shortly. 

2014-01-22 18.49.53At 18:20 I visited my flat in order to check the progress with the works. When I arrived there I noticed more condensation than yesterday. The wall behind the entrance door was very wet.

There were drops of water on the floor and the doors were wet. Finally there were no signs showing any progress with the works. The protection was still not installed properly and some of it had got worse. Please see images below:

2014-01-22 18.49.11  2014-01-22 18.49.01

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