At 10:09 we received an email from Mr Gary D. in which he refused to answer my specific questions.

At 10:42 I sent a reply to Mr Gary D. in which I ask an answer to my questions.

At 11:29 Mr Gary D. sent another pointless email without any answers to my specific questions.

At 11:45 we replied.

At 12:04 Mr P.M. replied with another pointless email but no answers to my questions.

At 12:14 I replied to Mr P.M. stating that this is the last time I will request an answer before I instruct solicitors.

At 12:30 I sent an email to Mr Aaron M. from Camden Council regarding the lies that I’ve been told by Mr P.M.

At 12:53 I sent an email to Mr Adrian M. regarding the expenses.

At 14:33 I sent an email to Mr Gary D. raising a complaint against Mr P.M.

At 14:41 I received an email from Mr P.M. stating that: “to the best of my knowledge and understanding the previously installed  materials (b – Arditex) have been removed and the laytex (c F76) has not been comprised, the above has been done to allow a professional and successful installation of the new flooring.”

This shows clearly that he did not ask the floor specialist for a definite answer.

At 14:59 I received an email from Mr Gary D. acknowledged receipt of my complaint. He also informed me that Mr P.M will not attend the meeting tomorrow.

At 16:25 I sent an email to Mr Gary D. confirming the meeting and stating that if the manufacturers of the BAL F76 does nor approve the works done so far then the insurance will have to do the floor for a 4th time.

At 16:58 I received a reply from Mr Aaron M. Unfortunately his reply did mention the less important points of my complaint.

At 17:12 I received an email from Mr Gary D. stating that he “… will be attending along with Nick H., Technical Director and Adrian M., Adjuster both from GAB Robins. ”

At 17:16 I replied to Mr Aaron M. from Camden Council. I re-emphasised the important points and the reasons why Camden council shall not renewing the contract with Zurich.

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