Who is Right? Contractors or Manufacturer?

Mr P.M. from GAB Robins Ltd stated on the 03rd March 2014 that: “The specialists that have prepared the flooring do not record exact actions and or   quantities as they have been doing these works for years and prepare all areas for floor to and above industry standards.

Mr P.M. also stated that: “Further to the below to the best of my knowledge and understanding the previously installed  materials (Arditex N/A) have been removed and the laytex (BAL F76) has not been comprised, the above has been done to allow a professional and successful installation of the new flooring.

However the manufacturer of the materials has a different opinion. The manufacturer of F76 and Stopgap 300, F-ball Company,  informed us that:

From your recent email we understand that Stopgap F76 has been applied this was then skimmed with an Arditex NA floor smoothing underlayment however the requirement now is to remove this floor smoothing underlayment and replace it with Stopgap 300 powder/ water mix floor smoothing underlayment. The only way to remove the original underlayment is by mechanical means and is likely to damage the Stopgap F76 membrane. If the Stopgap F76 is damaged then it will need to be replaced with a new coating. When it has cured prime with neat Stopgap P131 primer; when it has dried Stopgap 300 powder/ water mix floor smoothing underlayment can be applied.

We hope this meets your requirements, assuring you of our best attention


Karl Helming

Technical Services Officer

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