More Lies – Less Evidence

The last floor preparation was installed on January 2014 by the current contractors (Andrew Watson and Son Ltd) after they removed the temporary carpet tiles. At the time the contractors insisted that the BAL F76 membrane was not damaged during the removal of the carpet tiles and the StopGap 300 HD.

A few days later during my meeting with GAB Robins Ltd and Zurich Insurance I was reassured that everything was done according to the manufacturer’s recommendations.

On the next date I received an email from Mr Nick H, Building Services Technical Director from GAB Robins Ltd stated that:

“… Whilst both we and our specialist contractor remain satisfied that the existing conditions are appropriate to receive a fully guaranteed floor, we have this afternoon discussed the matter with your insurers and have agreed that the existing surface finish will be removed and renewed as per your preferred installation process”

On a later date Mr Nick H., from GAB Robins Ltd said that they found something green below the floor preparation material and nothing blue such as F76.

If everybody was satisfied with the works THEN where is the BAL F76 on the sample from the old floor preparation?

Why there is something GREEN (unknown material) on the sample and nothing blue (i.e. F76 is blue)?

The above indicates that your contractors did something which they did not want me to find out.

The main point is that the contractors had lied to me and therefore they cannot be trusted.

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